Dear Dad……

imageToday is the anniversary of my dear dear father’s death- his mum died when he was in his twenties and he always told me that it  never stopped feeling like she died yesterday. 17 years on from his premature death I now totally get what he was saying- god I miss him: so this is for you dad, some stuff I think you’d have loved or like to know.

Abby is in 5th year medicine, she’s pretty and confident, she sings and plays guitar as well as piano, she’s got the Fox sharp wit and sense of humour, a strong sense of social justice, a healthy love of a good drink and does not smoke!! She hasn’t been in love for awhile- I think medicine is all consuming but also think her bar is set very high, after all mum and I maried very well. She remembers you well and feels you in her life. She is everything you would have expected her to be,and more.

Matt is in Melbourne studying Film and Television. He lives in Hawthorn, which I LOVE, but as a Geelong fan you probably don’t find as staisfying ( just an aside, Hawks whipped the Cats in the first round of the season). He’s amazing Dad, and I know you’d love him but I  think you’d verbally spar a fair bit too. He does stand up comedy and I suspect you’d have provided him with plenty of material. Physically I see you in him Dad, his dark brooding eyes, his height and his luxurious dark wavy locks. I am dismayed that you two didnt have more time together.

Adrian is fabulous- he continues to be my lighthouse in each and every storm that life sends my way. He did give up the tools years ago, but you’d be pleased to know he can still turn his hand to most trades as required. He has a great boat that we go out in it regularly. I love him Dad, he is the love of my life, and I know you two would have continued to build a fabulous relationship.

Mum has metastatic melanoma. She is on her 3rd immunotherapy treatment after being told last year that there was nothing to be done for her. No side effects yet, one treatment to go. She did tell her oncologist that she still deeply misses you and can accept her imminent demise if it means being reunited with you, the love of her life. I see her more often since the diagnosis, sometimes to take her to appointments, amd other times just because I know there is a time limit and had I known that earlier with you I would have done things very differently.

Me? Well I’m in  my 3rd principalship, and going well. Not bad for the girl who you once told couldn’t teach older than grade 6 or they’d be smarter than her eh?I remember the advice you gave me, to always know or be able to do something unique, and so I work hard to stay at the cutting edge of my craft. My job is often hard but I love it, however thanks to you I also have a very clear picture of what’s really important and I take lots of time to make memories with the ones I love. Conseqently we have a sizeable mortage but my genes don’t bode well for a long life so I’m here for a good life instead.

So Dad, I hope you’re travelling well, and I hope none of this is news to you, I like to think you’re always around and know what’s going on with us all. Please know you have changed my life for the better, and as a result of that the lives of your amazing grandchildren too. Love you Dad x