The Return of Joy

9713544-risk-profit-and-loss-crossword-stock-photo-forexMy son tells me that inspiration comes from focus, so here I am focussing on my laptop screen waiting for it ………………….. and the love of my life just rang me and it arrived!

Not to be too corny but life does present us with many twists and turns on the road we travel, decisions must be made and consequences accepted. A couple of months ago we made a big decision with life changing consequences;

Adrian’s work life began as an apprentice bricklayer, then when qualified he worked for The Education Department, followed by working for himself and then about 15 years working for other construction companies in management/admin roles. This worked for us at the time, regular income, company car, paid holidays, sick leave etc. Then it stopped working, not suddenly but insidiously over time.

I watched my husband slowly wizen, I listened to him verbalise his grievances yet take no action, the family bore the brunt of his frustrations and our home had a pall over it. We walked on egg shells not wanting to annoy him, wanting him to feel happy and valued, at least when he was with us.

It was while he was accessing sick leave that our fork in the road was arrived at. Even while not ‘at work’ he continued to work via ‘phone, and though I wasn’t the cause of his anger I was greeted first thing in the morning with a swearing peppered tirade of how angry he was with whatever had just occurred on the ‘phone. I turned and went back to bed. This was not for me.

When I arose the second time I articulated what each sign post was pointing too- the first to continue in his current employment alone or the second, leave work and we stick it out together. And with those so obvious and simple choices a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. We don’t always know we have a choice until someone else alerts us to it. He chose the second path. He has is own business again, and knows he is a competent and successful operator who has the greatest respect from all he encounters in his daily work. He has shown our children that happiness is most important and that risk taking is not just ok, but necessary to reach your full potential.

Profit and loss can certainly be measured financially but the loss of happiness, contentment, self worth, and joy is also measurable. These should always be in the black.

And with that, joy returned to our relationship. When I hear his ring tone on my ‘phone or hear his ute come up the drive way I beam rather than brace myself to be his sounding board. It doesn’t get much better than that




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