You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone


I love to talk, and to sing along with the radio and to laugh out loud. I love banter with my colleagues and family and deep reflective conversations too. But I’ve been muted!! I’ve come down with laryngitis and it’s driving me insane! I literally have nothing, not even a croak!! Suddenly I realised how often I use my voice, to remind the dog to get off the furniture or to stop barking insanely, to call the chickens home, to yell for help when there’s a huntsman spider on the wall, to let the family know dinner’s ready, to laugh out loud at a TV show, to order take away on the ‘phone, to thank someone for their customer service or to ask for assistance in a shop, to greet an old friend and show the joy I’m feeling at seeing them again, to tell my husband I love him, my daughter I miss her and my son to travel home safely to me. Take care of your vocal cords- it’s a lonely place while they’re on the blink!