And the beat goes on

My son has started to blog on here and after reading his first post and re-reading mine I am reminded about how much I too love to write, just like him. What an amazing young man my Matt is, he epitomises seize the day and if there was only one legacy I could leave my children then that would be it. I spent some months on the ledge of despair waiting for him to reclaim his joy in his successes instead of drugs, and he did! I have the utmost faith that he will be all he needs to be. I take great joy in the fact that he and all my children still seem to enjoy spending time with us.

Abby is an intern and really enjoying life again,she looks fabulous, works conscientiously and has a solid handle on work/life balance in so much as she has control over this. How many mothers get to have scrubs in their washing?  Time spent with her continues to be time spent so well.

Our eldest, Trent and his wife are expecting a baby girl in October. We are about to re-invent as Grandad and Grancath. How exciting.

So mum is still so wonderfully still with us, hallelujah for her ‘accepting’ her doctor of indian descent after getting past her initial ‘ I can’t understand a word he’s saying’ He talked her into her treatment and here she still is!

And so the beat goes on- life keeps happening to us and aren’t we all lucky that it does? Far better than the alternative!!


Mother or daughter? At 49 you’d expect to know who you are, wouldn’t you?


I want to cry for my mother like the daughter that I am. I want to be sad and angry and I want it to show. I want to tell people to get over the pathetic things they worry and moan about. I want to have a tantrum! After all my mum has been dealt a pretty crap hand and as her daughter I think I’m rightly pissed off about it!

But… when I see my children’s faces, when I hear the sadness and fear in their voices as they process the grim facts of their grandmother’s illness, when I hear the tears in my daughter’s words on the ‘phone and my son putting off hearing the latest news I remember I’m a mother. The greatest gift of all is to be just that- my children are by far the achievement I am most proud of and I know that my tantrums and unkind judgements have to be put to the side for them. Just as mum has put aside hers for me.